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2019: A Transition Year For PAGEMay 29, 2019

By Brandon Eyerly
President, PAGE Cooperative

This is shaping up to be an exciting year of transition for PAGE. In March, we named Gary Blakeley as our new CEO. If you haven’t already read Gary’s column (in Member News), please do so. As you’ll see, he is off to an excellent start.

We have also been adding some new members to our board of directors. Over the past year and a half we have welcomed Aaron Julien from Newspapers of New England and Francis Wick of Wick Communications. Already this year, we’ve welcomed Brian Jarvis of NCWV Media.

After many years of leadership, we thank and wish all the best for our outgoing directors Bill Brehm, from Brehm Communications, and Tom Brown. They have been passionate and committed members of PAGE; and we’re fortunate to have had their many years of service.

We are continuously seeking new board members who are able to contribute to the growth and vision of the cooperative. If you know one or more industry leaders who fit this description; please forward the names to myself, or to the PAGE staff, and we’ll follow up from there.
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