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You May be Asked to Respond to Questionnaires from the U.S. International Trade CommissionMarch 30, 2018

In this final phase of antidumping and countervailing duty investigations of Uncoated Groundwood Paper from Canada, which includes newsprint used by newspapers, other publishers and printers, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) will determine whether imports from Canada injure or threaten to injure the U.S. domestic industry. The ITC will make its determination based on a detailed factual record. The ITC develops that record by collecting responses to questionnaires from producers, importers, and purchasers of uncoated groundwood paper. Most newspapers will qualify as purchasers, although a few may be importers as well.

ITC questionnaire responses have the legal force of a subpoena; responses are mandatory. While responding can be burdensome, your participation is critical to ensure that the newspaper industry’s views are well-represented in the ITC record. The ITC will hear one version of events from petitioner NORPAC and another from Canadian producers; it often relies on purchaser input in deciding which version of events to believe. Where certain data are difficult to obtain, the ITC will permit you to use “carefully prepared estimates” that are clearly marked as such. We also encourage you to maintain records of where and from whom your firm collected information included in your responses, because you may receive follow-up questions from the ITC staff. Finally, text boxes provide the opportunity to tell your story or clarify ambiguous questions; don’t pass on the opportunity to use them. If a question is vague, explain what it means to you.

If you have questions about the questionnaire, you can always call the ITC staff members listed as contacts on the questionnaire, who are glad to respond to questions. The News Media Alliance and its outside counsel is also a resource that will be available, if you need help please contact Paul Boyle (571-366-1150; paul@newsmediaalliance.org).
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