We're much more intelligent as marketers now, and we're spending our money in a much smarter way thanks to LEAP Media Solutions.

Kerry Turner, Circulation Director, The Frederick News-Post (Frederick, MD)

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All PAGE members benefit by the growth of purchases through the Cooperative?

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Important Information


PAGE Cooperative was formed to develop a cooperative purchasing system for independent daily and non-daily, general-interest newspapers and privately owned newspaper groups. All members must have at least one or more general-interest newspapers in the U.S.

Publishing companies, apply online now. Suppliers, review our supplier information, to partner with us.

Membership Process

  • New members must deposit with PAGE Cooperative a one-time equity membership fee in the amount determined by PAGE Cooperative Board of Directors (currently $15,000).
  • New members must qualify under PAGE Cooperative Credit Insurance Program (or provide acceptable collateral as prescribed by the PAGE Cooperative Board).
  • New members must agree to the terms of PAGE Cooperative Credit Policy and be approved by a majority vote of the PAGE Cooperative Board of Directors.

Joining is easy and normally takes around one week from the time all required paperwork is received to reach the PAGE Cooperative Board of Directors review.

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Credit Check

A credit check is performed prior to each new member request being sent to the PAGE Cooperative Board of Directors for approval.

Membership Options

A second type of membership is also available whereby the new member may make their equity deposit with an upfront payment of $3,000, and sign a Promissory Note for the four subsequent annual $3,000 payments along with an assessed interest charge. All other membership requirements remain under this “Plan B Membership.” All newspapers under common ownership qualify under a single equity membership deposit.


Potential members can request a Cost Analysis Study be performed prior to their joining to determine the approximate amount of annual savings for specific items that PAGE Cooperative membership will provide to their newspaper(s).
Download the Cost Analysis Form.

Should a member become ineligible (such as being sold to an ineligible company) or otherwise resign from membership, their equity deposit principal is returned in full following a prescribed waiting period.


Review our membership FAQ or take a quick tour or our website.

If you have additional questions, call the PAGE Cooperative at (800) 468-9568 or e-mail us at questions@pagecooperative.com.

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