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Thomas Toles, Business/Printing Manager - MainStreet Newspapers (Jefferson, Georgia)

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As a member-owned cooperative, PAGE relies on its members for direction. Many membership committees play a major role in the inner-workings of the PAGE Cooperative.

The committees are comprised of volunteer members as well as PAGE staff and have various missions including researching the purchasing needs of the PAGE Cooperative members, identifying suppliers, negotiating special purchasing agreements, sharing best practices, and reviewing PAGE suppliers. The committee members receive no compensation but are reimbursed for travel expenses related to PAGE business.

Newsprint Committee

The PAGE Newsprint Committee meets annually each Fall individually with current newsprint suppliers to gain a better understanding of the newsprint market and address any related problems or issues. Committee members include:

PAGE Newsprint Committee Chair

  • Tom Brown, Director, EO Media Group

Newsprint Committee Members SHOW | HIDE

  • Bob Braun, Calkins Media, Levittown, PA
  • William J. Brehm, Jr., Brehm Communications, San Diego, CA
  • Jeffrey N. Brown, Home News Enterprises, Columbus, IN
  • Bruce Buchanan, Harris Enterprises, Hutchinson, KS
  • Jim Costello, Sun-Journal, Lewiston, ME
  • Ed Dulin, Independent News Media, Dover, DE
  • R. Jack Fishman, Lakeway Publishers Inc., Morristown, TN
  • Clay Foster, NE Mississippi Daily Journal, Tupelo, MS
  • Joan Graff, PAGE Cooperative, Vienna, VA
  • Gregg K. Jones, Jones Media, Greenville, TN
  • Steve Jones, Horizon Publications, Marion, IL
  • Aaron Julien, Newspapers of New England, Concord, NH
  • David R. Lord, Pioneer News Group, Seattle, WA
  • Rory Mackison, Lancaster Newspapers, Lancaster, PA
  • Mark Mansfield, Cox Newsprint Supply, Atlanta, GA
  • William Randall, Frederick News Post, Frederick, MD
  • Stuart Richner, Richner Communications, Garden City, NY
  • Darrell Sandlin, Times Daily, Florence, AL
  • Stephen Schroeder, PAGE Cooperative
  • Tony Smithson, Janesville Gazette, Janesville, WI
  • John Snyder, PAGE Cooperative
  • Greg Tant, Cox Newsprint Supply, Atlanta, GA
  • Bud Winslow, The Daily Sentinel, Grand Junction, CO

Supplier Evaluation Committee

The Supplier Evaluation Committee meets each year and reviews new and current PAGE Cooperative supplier programs. The Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for the approval of new suppliers or the removal of current suppliers.

Committee Chair

  • Brandon Eyerly - Press-Enterprise, Bloomsburg, PA

Supplier Evaluation Committee Members SHOW | HIDE

  • Jeffrey N. Brown - Home News Enterprises, Columbus, IN
  • Bruce Buchanan - Harris Enterprises, Hutchinson, KS
  • Jim Costello, Jr. - Sun-Journal, Lewiston, ME
  • Matt Davison - Idaho Press-Tribune, Nampa, ID
  • Richard Hackney - Charlotte Sun Herald, Charlotte Harbor, FL
  • Gregg Jones - Jones Media, Inc., Greeneville, TN
  • David Lord - Pioneer News Group, Seattle, WA
  • Rick Mitchell - KPC Media Group Inc., Kendallville, IN
  • Tom Northrop - Observer-Reporter, Washington, PA
  • William Randall - Frederick News Post, Frederick, MD
  • Stuart Richner - Richner Communications Inc., Garden City, NY
  • Jon Rust - Rust Communications, Cape Girardeau MO
  • Dolph Simons III - Lawrence Journal-World, Lawrence KS
  • Brett Soldwedel - Western Newspapers, Yuma, AZ
  • Greg Tant - Cox Newsprint Supply, Atlanta, GA
  • Al Waldron - The Santa Fe New Mexican, Santa Fe, NM
  • Todd Warner - Bucks County Courier Times, Levittown, PA


  • Marcy Emory, PAGE Cooperative, King of Prussia, PA
  • Joan Graff - PAGE Cooperative, Vienna, VA
  • Ilene Persin - PAGE Cooperative, King of Prussia, PA
  • Stephen Schroeder - PAGE Cooperative, King of Prussia, PA
  • John Snyder - PAGE Cooperative, King of Prussia, PA

Online/Technology Committee

The Online/Technology Committee meets each year and suggests potential PAGE Cooperative suppliers in the online or technical areas. The Committee also makes suggestions regarding ways to improve the PAGE website, submit best online and technology practices to be shared with all members, and acts as a “sounding board” for PAGE members and staff in technology and online areas.

Committee Chair

  • David Costello - Sun Media Group, Lewiston, ME

Online/Technology Committee Members SHOW | HIDE

  • Matt Davison – Idaho Press-Tribune, Nampa, ID
  • Jon Rust – Rust Communications, Cape Girardeau MO
  • Steve Schroeder – General Manager for PAGE
  • Ryan Schuyler – BCI Interactive Media, Auburn, CA
  • John Snyder – CEO for PAGE
  • Jennifer Wegerer-Bertematti – Harris Enterprises, Hutchinson, KS
  • Geordie Wilson – Frederick News-Post, Frederick, MD

Committee Makeup

PAGE Cooperative committees are comprised of active PAGE members that are in good standing, and represent diverse locations and varied company sizes. Committee members are very knowledgeable in their areas of responsibility and represent some of best and the brightest of PAGE membership. Selection to PAGE committees is made by PAGE staff in conjunction with committee chairpersons.

With the exception of the Newsprint Committee, committee meetings are open to all members in good standing. The date, time, and location of committee meetings are listed in the PAGE online calendar as well as the quarterly PAGE One Newsletter.