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Newsprint Market a Real MessDecember 21, 2017

There is practically no good news coming from the Newsprint marketplace.

• The market is as tight as it has been in years. It is nearly impossible to get a truck of paper on short notice. We would encourage you to give your suppliers as much lead time as possible on both your standard newsprint and specialty orders.

• The price hikes of $15 December 1, and January 1 seem firmly in place.

• Both Resolute and White Birch have announced $35/ST increase on high brites for February 1.

• The impending January decisions by the ITC/Commerce Dept. on countervailing duties and dumping penalties (due to the NORPAC petitions) will certainly negatively affect both pricing and supply.

o White Birch has already announced surcharges on their shipments to the South effective on February 1.
o Catalyst has already announced they will pass on to the end user any duties and penalties imposed on their deliveries to the US.

• Please encourage you local political leaders to keep pressure on the ITC/Commerce Dept. to discourage the devastating duties and penalties asked for in the NORPAC petitions.

Sorry for passing on such negative news during this Holiday season. However, we feel you need to know what may be coming early in the new year.
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