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Newsprint Market TighteningSeptember 29, 2017

The following note was received from our main contact (Jiggs Fey) from Resolute. We understand that due to mill closures and machine shutdowns and conversions newsprint availability across the Board is as tight as it has been in quite a while. For the time being, we encourage you to take this under advisement when planning your newsprint orders.

“As discussed, RFP's newsprint order book is extremely full across the entire network in Q4. At this point, If October orders have not been placed it is unlikely they will be able to be shipped in October. The Alternative Offset (80 Bright) and other high bright grades are also very full in Q4 due to the closure of the Calhoun mill. I would encourage your members to place their newsprint and high bright order for November and December now as we will be very full for the balance of the year,

We appreciate your business and continued support”.


Wm. J Fey

If you have any questions regarding newsprint, you are welcome to contact the PAGE office at 800-468-9568.
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