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Tight Newsprint Market...Get Those Orders InSeptember 19, 2017


CNS Participants,

Just a reminder that the newsprint market has tightened up severely and all suppliers, mills, machines in all regions…and, in the US and Canada are running extremely full. The impact of all the capacity closures (approximately one million tons in 2017) is now being felt in production.

Please make sure that all your pressrooms are getting their orders in on-time, if not early. It is not too early to begin talking to their CSR’s about November and December. Anything for October, not already placed, will be virtually impossible to get. We are getting reports of late orders and some pressrooms are in real jeopardy of missing deliveries.

We do not have contacts at every participating pressroom, so please remind your production teams to get those orders in and to maintain communication with their supplier representatives.

We are here to help. Please let us know, as soon as a situation appears to be critical. However, last minute, rush deliveries are proving very challenging right now.


Greg Tant
Director, Newsprint Supply
Cox Newsprint Supply, LLC
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