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Jay Nolan, President, J. Frank Publishing (London, KY)

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PAGE: List of October's Announced Price IncreasesAugust 24, 2017

Many of our PAGE suppliers in the CNS program have announced newsprint price increases for October.

To see what increases have already been announced please see the attached supplementals below.

As we learn more about this latest development, we will communicate any changes to the group.

This information is confidential and for PAGE members only. If you have any questions please contact John Snyder (800-468-9568, ext 176),Steve Schroeder (800-468-9568, ext 187), Joan Graff (800-468-9568, ext 196) or Marcy Emory (800-468-9568, ext 182).
Supplementals:   More Information   |  Download PDF
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