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Resolute Forest Products Hi-Brite Orders May Require Longer Lead TimesAugust 24, 2017

Dear CNS Participants,

In an announcement made from Resolute Forest Products this morning, they are shutting down more manufacturing capacity. They will be discontinuing production of newsprint and hi-brite grades out of their Calhoun, TN mill, at the end of September.

Beginning in October, hi-brites will no longer be made by any paper supplier in the Southeastern US. These grades will come out of Canada, except for what is made in the Northwest and shipped to that region.

RFP is dedicated to continuing to service all accounts throughout the US, regardless of region. However, these grades will most likely require some longer lead times and additional coordination with their CSR's. If you have any question you can contact your RFP sales or customer service representative for details about your particular circumstances or please let us know if you have any questions and we will help facilitate getting you answers.

Since we don't always have all necessary contacts at each CNS participating company, please forward this e-mail to whomever in your organization that needs to be aware of this change, so they can make any necessary changes.

As we learn more about this latest development, we will communicate to the group.
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