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Will Randall, Vice President and COO - Frederick News Post Printing and Publishing (Frederick, MD)

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Newsprint Price Hike AnnouncementsAugust 24, 2017

As of 10:00 am 8/23 PAGE has received a number of price hike announcements for October 1, from both east coast and west coast suppliers and we would expect others to follow in the next few days. All newsprint increase announcements were $30/MT on a 30lb basis with corresponding basis weights going up accordingly. To date the following have announced the proposed increase:

Catalyst (west coast)
Resolute (east coast)
White Birch (east coast)
Kruger (east coast)

Resolute and White Birch will also be increasing hi-brites by $35/st and any members using super calendared paper will also receive an increase. We would be surprised if the remaining suppliers do not also announce increases on both newsprint and hi-brite grades.
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