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White Birch Paper Co Announces Plant IdlingMay 17, 2017

The following announcement was received today from White Birch Paper Co.:

“GREENWICH, CT, May 17, 2017 (Press Release) - White Birch Paper today announced the upcoming indefinite idling of paper making operations at its Bear Island newsprint mill in Virginia. The Bear Island mill produces 240,000 metric tons of TMP and recycled content newsprint annually.

“Difficult market pricing, challenging cost fundamentals and declining demand, necessitate identifying and optimizing our lowest cost capacity. White Birch remains, and will remain, a world class, low cost producer of publication papers. It is truly unfortunate to have to make this difficult decision, and we will be forever grateful to the employees at Bear Island for their tireless efforts and service” said Christopher Brant, President and COO.

Approximately 165 employees at Bear Island were notified today of the
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