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Thomas Toles, Business/Printing Manager - MainStreet Newspapers (Jefferson, Georgia)

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A Pain-Free Way to Cut CostsMarch 27, 2017

Do you need a pain-free way to cut costs? Perhaps it’s time to take another look at how PAGE can help you do that. If you aren’t purchasing standard newsprint and/or specialty grade paper through PAGE, now is the time to reconsider.

This past year, the PAGE Board of Directors and staff worked diligently to make significant advances with the PAGE standard newsprint, specialty grade paper rates and services, and plate and ink pricing. Among those advances are:

• The PAGE .85 administrative fee to members has now been eliminated by almost all of the PAGE specialty grade paper suppliers.

• Resolute Forest Products and White Birch Paper Company recently reduced prices on frequently used specialty grades such as 35# 80 brite.

• Additional discounts may be available when regularly purchasing larger quantities of specialty grade paper. Please check with PAGE for details.

• McGrann Paper Corporation is now a PAGE Preferred Supplier for specialty grade paper and able to deliver a variety of paper with shorter turnaround times. If you already purchase directly from McGrann, you may now bill purchases through PAGE and receive the best prices offered by McGrann, plus you will get credityou’re your purchases in your annual patronage dividend. Please let PAGE know of your interest.

• Mixed loads are available from McGrann and White Birch, and in some cases from Resolute.

• Pricing on plates and ink is coming down. Please check with the PAGE contact at your plate supplier (Anocoil/PRESSTEK, Fuji, Kodak, Southern Lithoplate) and ink supplier (Central Ink) for new pricing, or contact the PAGE office for more information.

The PAGE/COX partnership remains one of the largest newsprint-purchasing groups in the country and, more than ever, capable of negotiating significantly discounted rates for PAGE members. If you haven’t recently compared PAGE’s rates to yours, now is the time.

Don’t delay; it’s time to reduce your costs! Please contact one of us for more information by phoning PAGE at 1-800-468-9568 or by email.

John Snyder, CEO

Steve Schroeder, Director of Membership Development – West

Joan Graff, Director of Membership Development – East
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