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Newsprint Pricing Remains Stable in the East and Moves Down in the WestMarch 9, 2017

February saw newsprint pricing remain stable in the east but we had some minor adjustments down in the west. The potential for a first quarter price increase discussed at the October PAGE Newsprint Committee meeting presentations no longer seems probable. Announced mill closures and shutdowns by Resolute and Kruger in the east and by Resolute in Korea may have likely helped stabilize pricing in spite of a double digit downturn in demand in January 2017 vs. January 2016. Although PAGE purchasing dropped 5% January vs. January, this was less than half of the industry at large drop. The $.75 -.$76 Canadian dollar remains a significant positive for Canadian manufacturers.

The good news is we are seeing a trend towards an increased footprint for most suppliers. We have also seen increased discounts for certain hi-brite specialty products. If you have not recently checked on PAGE newsprint and specialty paper pricing or availability or have any questions in these areas, please do not hesitate to contact Joan Graff (800-468-9568, ext. 196) Steve Schroeder (ext. 187) or myself (ext. 176).
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