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Jay Nolan, President, J. Frank Publishing (London, KY)

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PAGE Membership Helps Independent Publisher Attain Efficiency, EconomyDecember 5, 2016

PAGE Membership Helps Independent Publisher Attain Efficiency, Economy.

A west central Wisconsin publishing company joined PAGE Cooperative a year after the member-owned buying association began operations in 1984. Three decades later, it remains an enthusiastic participant.
“PAGE has been a very important part of our operation,” said Pieter Graaskamp, publisher of the Leader-Telegram, a division of Eau Claire Press Co., Eau Claire, Wis. He added, “It’s a very successful and very positive relationship.”
Graaskamp said that the seven-day newspaper, which has both print and online editions, is the main unit of Eau Claire Press. The other major segments are The Country Today, a weekly newspaper, and Leader Printing, a full-service commercial printing operation.

“Commercial printing is about 15 percent of our business currently,” Graaskamp said. He added that revenue had been higher, and that “we’re working on some deals to grow it back up again.”
The Country Today, which Graaskamp described as “essentially an agricultural publication,” represents about 15 percent. Farming is a major commercial activity in the Eau Claire region. The company started the weekly 40 years ago, he said.
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