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Will Randall, Vice President and COO - Frederick News Post Printing and Publishing (Frederick, MD)

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PAGE - Newsprint UpdateDecember 5, 2016

The PAGE Newsprint Committee met on Oct. 11-12 with our current PAGE suppliers, Cox Newsprint Supply representatives and Derek Mahlburg, a RISI economist. Some of the highlights and forecasts coming out of that meeting follow.

• Pricing projections ranged from level pricing through 2017 to a $35 increase late in the first quarter of 2017. The consensus was to budget for a $25-$35 increase in March or April. However, at this meeting in 2015 no one predicted the Jan-Feb increases of this year. A key indicator to watch is the value of the Canadian dollar. . . hovering lately around 75¢. There was some support for the sentiment that the summer increases were a result of the Canadian dollar increasing in value from earlier in the year.
• McGrann Paper Company was recommended (and subsequently approved by the PAGE Board) as a new supplier to the Cooperative. McGrann specializes in less than truckload orders, mixed loads and quick turn around times from their 26 warehouses located throughout the US.
• The PAGE administrative fee has been eliminated on specialty grade orders from RFP, NORPAC and Catalyst and a plan is in place that may add White Birch to that list. There is also no fee on standard orders.
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