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Jay Nolan, President, J. Frank Publishing (London, KY)

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Hey Boss … I want to hear from you.November 21, 2016

Yes, that’s you. If you are a PAGE member, you are my boss and I want you to know how important your voice is in making sure the PAGE staff and Board of Directors are meeting your purchasing needs.

Here are a few ways you can get involved and let us know what’s on your mind.

• Attend the PAGE annual meeting, which will take place next fall. At a recent PAGE Board meeting it was decided to add webinar access to the 2017 annual meeting so that those members unable to attend in person will still be able to participate. PAGE will give you plenty of notice so that you can save the date.

• Get involved in a PAGE committee. If you are interested in participating on a PAGE committee, please let me know. The PAGE Supplier Evaluation committee will be meeting in January 2017 in San Diego. For more information about that committee, please see Steve Schroeder’s column in this newsletter.

• Suggest suppliers you would like PAGE to add as a PAGE Preferred Supplier. Our best suppliers are those recommended by our members. Once a supplier you’re already using becomes a PAGE Preferred Supplier, you are almost assured of getting the same product or service you have been purchasing from that supplier … for less.

• Let us know about changes to your organization … address, key staff, or if you are outsourcing your printing. And keep us in the loop on any other news about your company that would help PAGE communicate more effectively with you and your team.

• Respond to the PAGE Survey that you will receive soon. It’s very short. We want you to tell us three things (or more, if you like) PAGE is not doing for you that you want the Cooperative to do.

PAGE values and depends on your suggestions and involvement to ensure the Cooperative remains relevant and valuable to you. Please let me hear from you.

Joan Graff can be contacted at joan.graff@pagecooperative.com or 800-468-9568, Ext. 196.
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