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PAGE Member Review is Key to PAGE ProgramsNovember 21, 2016

As a cooperative, PAGE relies on member involvement to be successful. One of the best ways members can get involved is by participating in the supplier review process.

Each year the PAGE Supplier Evaluation and Online/Technology committees meet to review supplier programs. The meeting is key to providing great new programs to the membership. During the two-day gathering the joint committee will review 15 programs. A few current programs are discussed but most of the time focuses on potential new programs.

The next meeting will take place in San Diego on January 24-25, 2017.

The committees, chaired by Brandon Eyerly (Bloomsburg PA) and David Costello (Lewiston, ME) include PAGE members from 21 states and many varied publications. The committee members have many different job titles and areas of expertise. After serious discussion, the committee's recommendations (positive or negative) go to the PAGE Board of Directors for their review and final approval.

Potential suppliers must complete a questionnaire and are pre-screened before coming to the meeting. Not all suppliers make the cut and many programs need extensive negotiation before approval. Without a doubt, the best supplier programs come from PAGE member suggestions.
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