Our PAGE membership has helped us grow and improve our products. Thanks to you, we get quality newsprint and supplies at a fair price.

Garrick Feldman, Editor and Publisher, Arkansas Leader (Jacksonville, AR)

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PAGE - Alive and WellAugust 12, 2016

By Joan Graff
Director of Membership Development & Marketing

It’s no secret … in its 32 year history PAGE has saved its members millions and millions of dollars on supplies and services. Members tell us regularly that they would not have survived had it not been for PAGE. Thanks to your loyalty to purchasing through PAGE, the addition of new PAGE members, and a committed board of directors and staff, your cooperative is alive and well … and saving you money!

This past year, the cooperative saw increased sales in newsprint, ink and IT, and held steady on sales in all other categories of supplies and services. While the newspaper industry as a whole saw a 10 percent decline in 2015 newsprint consumption, PAGE ‘s newsprint purchasing increased by more than one percent. If you are not purchasing newsprint, ink and plates through PAGE and want to know if doing so would benefit your company, please contact me at joan.graff@pagecooperatve.com or Steve Schroeder at steve@pagecooperative.com.

During this fiscal year, PAGE brought in ten new members and is pleased to welcome:

AIM Media, Dallas, TX
Associated Publishers, Inc., Huntingdon, TN
Brunswick News Publishing Company, Brunswick, GA
Cooke Communications, Greenville, NC
Denton Publications, Inc., Elizabethtown, NY
International Daily News, Monterey Park, CA
Lyle Printing and Publishing, Inc./Farm and Dairy, Salem, OH
MidCountry Media, Inc., Knightstown, IN
P&P Press, Inc., Peoria, IL
Trib Total Media, Pittsburgh, PA

We thank these new members for deciding to join PAGE and adding to the strength of the Cooperative.

The PAGE Board of Directors is committed to keeping PAGE relevant and fiscally responsible to its members. As the newspaper industry changes, PAGE is evolving with its members, expanding its services to include revenue-producing suppliers that will further benefit the financial health of its membership.

It’s been a great year for PAGE Cooperative. Thank you for your continued purchasing through PAGE and committed support of the cooperative. By working together, you, the PAGE Board of Directors and the PAGE staff will insure the future of your cooperative and the financial benefits for your company.

For more information or to make suggestions regarding PAGE, please contact Joan Graff at joan.graff@pagecooperative.com or 800-468-9568, ext. 196.
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