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Executive Staff and Board of Directors Updates the PAGE Five Year PlanAugust 12, 2016

In May of 2013 The PAGE Board of Directors approved a 5-year business plan aimed at enhancing the long-term viability of your Cooperative. With the rapid changes and challenges occurring in our industry, the Board asked the executive staff along with members of the Board executive committee and consultant Tony Colantoni to update that original plan. The revised plan was submitted and approved at the May 2016 Board meeting. This plan is meant to be a living document to respond to industry changes we cannot yet predict or anticipate and provide a framework for ongoing discussions.
The plan took a look at five strategic categories: Member Strategy, Supplier Strategy, Board Strategy, Organization Strategy and Revenue Strategy. After much discussion the staff was asked to initially focus on two major questions:

1. How do we maintain and increase PAGE’s market share of newsprint and the revenue it derives from that critical stream?
a. A list of 12 possible alternatives/actions were identified to address this issue and placed in order of priority.
2. How do we increase PAGE’s revenue from non-traditional sources?
a. A list of 11 possible alternatives/actions were identified to address this issue and placed in order of priority.

The executive staff of John Snyder, Marcy Emory, Steve Schroeder and Joan Graff has immediately begun work on the recommendations from the Board discussions and will update and report on the results in future newsletters.

Newsprint Update:
Although our newsprint-purchasing partner, Cox Newsprint Supply, will continue negotiations on PAGE’s behalf, the expected price hike announcements of May and July in the west and June and July in the east are now in place as of the publishing of this newsletter. This means pricing (on a 30 lb. metric bases) since December 31, has increased $70/MT in the east and $75/MT in the west. There has been talk that if these recent increases indeed hold, there may not be any additional announcements for the remainder of the calendar year. However, none of the experts appearing at our October 2015 newsprint meetings predicted the January and February increases of 2016. There also continues to be downward adjustments in supply as RFP has shut down one of its machines at the Augusta newsprint mill and Kruger plans a major mill conversion from newsprint in 2017.

If you have any questions on the five-year plan or newsprint pricing please contact John Snyder at 800-468-9568 or email john.snyder@pagecooperative.com.
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