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Garrick Feldman, Editor and Publisher, Arkansas Leader (Jacksonville, AR)

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Delivering Business Impact with Digital Advertising

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Tue, January 30 , 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm (EST)  |  Webinar


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A PAGE Event – AdCellerant will be presenting with Addy Earles, Director of Digital Revenue for Schurz Communications, to discuss how Schurz successfully leveraged AdCellerant's digital marketing technology to create a new revenue stream. Schurz, in partnership with AdCellerant, exemplifies the adaptability of publishing companies by embracing new technologies and employing today's best marketing practices. Partnering with a digital marketing company can be daunting because the industry is rife with low quality solutions and a lack of transparency. Schurz, however, has been pleased with AdCellerant's transparency and intelligent and responsive campaign management and planning staff. Schurz can now generate proposals on the fly with accurate numbers and share of voice, while also having access to robust reporting capabilities and quality control measures that many other digital marketing companies do not offer. AdCellerant also offers performance guarantees and training for all partners. To learn more about the benefits of AdCellerant's digital marketing technologies, join the webinar on January 10th, 2018

About AdCellerant: AdCellerant works with local media companies providing Programmatic Advertising, Native, Geo Fencing, IP Targeting, PreRoll Video, ConnectedTV, Email Marketing, SEO and SEM for their local advertising clients. As a white label service provider AdCellerant offers the best in class digital marketing products placed through their award-winning ad technology platform, ui.marketing.

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